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Brad retired in August of 2014 after working for 33 years for Schlumberger. He started working for Schlumberger in Houston, TX where he worked for 9 years on several pulsed neutron tools. He was then transferred to the nuclear research group in Ridgefield, CT where his work not only included pulsed-neutron tools, but also nuclear detector, nuclear modeling, and several other technologies. Later, with Schlumbergers decision to shut down the research lab in CT and move it to Boston, MA, he worked at their location in Cambridge, MA. He stayed there for 7 years as a Scientific Advisor and Nuclear Program Manager before retiring to NH. Brad currently has 33 patents and various technical papers to his name.

Brad obtained a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (1975) and an MS degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering (1976), both from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering (1981) from University of Illinois.

Brad is a certified SCUBA diver with various certifications. He attempts to do about 50 dives a year, but usually gets in about 40 dives that include such locations as the Bahamas, St. Lawrence Seaway, Cape Anne, and various local locations as come up. Because he is a diver, he believes that it allows him to wear very loud Hawaiian shirts.

Since retiring, he has become one of the Selectmen of the Town of Chesterfield, NH to keep himself busy, out of his wifes hair, and hopefully out of trouble. We will have to see how that works.